Biography of the Artist

gabriella Legno Foto

Following in the artistic family’s footsteps she received an artistic training that firstly drove her trough a figurative step, surrealist then and abstract in the end. She has been exposing since 1991 in Europe, Egypt, Asia and United States; in 2013, here, she represented the Italian Culture during important events held in California (San Francisco and Santa Monica). Among the various participations related to last years: New York (Agora Gallery), Milan Biennial, IX Florence Biennial, Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong, MIIT Museum in Turin, Oud Sint-Jan Museum in Brugge (Belgium), Carrousel du Louvre (Paris).

Her solo exhibit “Barocco that highlights. Lecce beyond the visible”, organized in the occasion of Expo Universale 2015, has been presented on the web site She has received several awards and recognitions and, among the others, Vittorio Sgarbi (art critic), Karin Maraney (Agora Gallery, New York), Jean Charles Spina (art critic, Nizza), Elena Gollini (art scholar and journalist). Many spoke of her: ARTisSpectrum (art monthly - NewYork); Arte (editor Giorgio Mondadori); The Italian-American (San Francisco, Ca); Orizzonte Italian Magazine (Russia). There are some works of the artist permanently exposed by MIIT Museum in Turin and Germinazioni IV.0 Art Gallery in Lecce.    


2018:  Art Shopping Louvres. Salon International Art Contemporain. Presented by Germinazioni IV.0 Art Gallery, 25/27 may. Carrousel du Louvre. Paris

2018: Gli artisti incontrano Dalì e Van Gogh presented by Vittorio Sgarbi. Dalì Museum, Conference room, 21/22 april. Figueres, Spain

2018: Sgarbi Collection. Official insertion and filing in the collection of drawings and prints of the "Sgarbi Coolection". Archive of the Villa Cavallini Sgarby Library

2018 : Permanent Museo MIIT, Corso Cairoli, 4. Torino

GERMINAZIONI IV.0 Art Gallery represents the painter from 2017

2017: Miami meets Milano. International Art Exhibition. 114 Ocean Drive, Hotel Victor, Miami Beach  6/10 dicembrer. MIAMI, FL 33139 Stati Uniti

2017: Contemporary artists in Bramante's saloon. Piazza del Popolo. 18/24 May. Rome

2017: International Award Francisco Goya. Liceu's Great Theatre. 6 May. Barcelona

2017:  Levi Museum. Special section. 1st International Biennial of the Mediterranean. 9/12 March Palermo

2016: Contemporary Artists at the Louvre. Carrousel du Louvre. 21/23 October. Paris

2016: From Picasso and Miro' to Contemporary Artists. Site Oud Sint-Jan- Xpo Center Bruges. 6/18 October. Belgium

2016: Art Gallery. Quadreria di Gabriella Legno. Retrospective. University of Salento. Library of Economics. June/July. Lecce, Italy

VISIONS-VISIONARIES. MIIT MUSEUM International Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. With the support of:  Museum of Memory - Lipari; Museum Ugo Guidi - Forte dei Marmi; Folco Gallery - Torino; Donation SCALVINI - Desio; Zhou Brothers Art Center Foundation - Chicago; Chill concept Arts Connection Foundation - Miami; 33Contemporary Gallery - Chicago; Amart Gallery - Brussels; Museum MACA - Acre; MEDIA PARTNERS: Italian Art. May. Turin

2016: International Price TIEPOLO. 21 April. Palazzo Clerici. Milan

2016: ART Exhibition "Abstract and informal art". ArtTime Gallery.  gennuary-february. Udine

2015: Milan International Art Biennial Meeting presented by Vittorio Sgarbi. Event under the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Expo 2015, September / October, Milan

2015: "L'isola che c'è". Happening Art, Music and Culture. By EA Editor, with Vittorio Sgarbi. October. Villa Castelnuovo, Palermo

2015: "SpoletoArte" by Vittorio Sgarbi with the partecipation of Amanda Lear. Under the High Patronage of Expo 2015. July/August. Palazzo Leti Sansi, Spoleto

2015: QArt3 - X Florence Biennale sponsored by the city of Florence, Florence Capital 1865-2015 and Accademy of Arts of Design. July. Firenze

2015: Solo art Exhibition "Barocco che incanta". Art&Co Gallerie Lecce. Event organized on the occasion of World Expo 2015 Milan and Lecce Capital of Culture 2015. May-June. Site

2015:  Asia Contemporary Art Show.  12-15 March.  Hilton Conrad Hong Kong.  Pacific Place, 40th-44th floors HONG KONG

2014 : Art&Co gallerie
           represents the painter from October 18

In 2014 is selected as a participating artist in the "Arte Paradisiaca", in the Visual Arts triennial Exhibition in Rome created by the famous historian and critic contemporary art Achille Bonito Oliva.

2014: SPOLETO ARTE meets VENICE curated by Vittorio Sgarbi. September-October, Palazzo Falier, Venice


2014: SGARBI PORTOFRANCO. Art exhibition and Yearbook edited by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi. June-July, Villa Castelnuovo, Palermo

2014: Festival of Italian-Japanese friendship. Art exhibition- August. Palazzo dei Consoli. Gubbio

2014: Great Nomination of Dioscuro D'Oro 2014 Academic. 31 May, Congress Center Hotel Hermitage, ROME
2014: PRIZE, OSLO City of Nobel. 13/14 May. Hotel Clarion Congress Center. Oslo NORWAY

2014: Exhibition the I MAESTRI ITALIANI DEL COLORE 2014 In Finis Terrae. Taranto - Corfu (Greece) - Castel del Monte - Salerno - Oslo (Norway) - North Cape (Norway) - Rome. TARANTO, November 2013-ROME, may 2014 

2014: INTERNATIONAL PRIX "The Pantokrator" 2014. April. CORFU' (Grecia)  

          November 30 to December 8, Fortezza da Basso. FLORENCE
          Biennial Reward for the Visual Arts - Conferment For Artistic Worths
          HOTEL DE PARIS, MONTECARLO - 5 October 2013
         Award GOMPA accredited to the UNITED NATIONS, June 29 to August 31
         Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art. Monreale, Italy
2013: Santa Monica - California "Heal the Bay"
         from 16 May, Art Exhibition Santa Monica, CA - Jhonathan Beach Club 850
         Palisadas Beach Road
2013: San Francisco - California "ART Exhibition"
         14 May, Personal in San Francisco California, CA - The City Club of San Francisco
         155 Sansome street
2013: SMALL WONDERS. Art collective.
          LINE Contemporary Art Space Gallery. April 20 to May 4. FLORENCE.
2013: Turin, Lecce, Luxor "a sign of friendship and peace"
          March 10 to 16 at Art Gallery of the Scientific Library of Luxor
2012: Collective Art: 25th February - 5th March. Colours and shapes in Lagoon.
         GALLERY Castello 925. VENICE
Agora Gallery (Chelsea Inc. of 530 W.25th St. New York, NY 10001)
         Represents the Painter since 9th December
2011: Collective Art: Art into the Museum. December. Archaeological Museum FAGGIANO. LECCE
2011: Personal painting exhibition. 8th October 27th November. HILTON GARDEN INN. LECCE
2011: An Exhibition dedicated to painting. June. Teatro Convitto Nazionale Palmieri. LECCE
2010: An Exhibition dedicated to painting. November-December. "Woman's wing". Picture gallery by S.Michele Salentino (BRINDISI)

2010: An Exhibition dedicated to painting. September. Event of the Salentine and Euro-Mediterranean Culture. Castle Carlo V. LECCE

2010: An Exhibition dedicated to painting. April-May. Noble floor – CASTLE CARLO V. LECCE

2010: Art exhibition. February-March. GALLERY "Mima's Wing". Mesagne (BR)

2009: Painting art exhibition "Pink Itinerary Review. Municipality of Lecce". April - May. EX S. ANNA'S CONSERVATORY. LECCE

2008: Painting review "Coloured Italy". From 29th May. GALLERY PASÀ. CATANIA

2008: Painting Art Exhibition "Art action" art and cinema project. Since 19th till 30th April. CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY, IL GRIFONE. LECCE

2008: Painting art exhibition "Art working in progress" Bastione hall, CASTLE CARLO V. LECCE

2007 - 2008: An Exhibition dedicated to painting, February 2007- February 2008, CRISTAL HOTEL, LECCE

2007: Painting art exhibition, August – December 2007. CAROLY Hotels GALLERY, GALLIPOLI ( LE )

2007: Painting art exhibition, 3rd -17th July. Art Hall A.R.C.A. LECCE

2007: Painting art exhibition "MateriaMente", 19th May - 5th June. Dawn Interiors, LECCE. Promoted by "Setteartemediterranea" Modern and Contemporary Art

2006: An Exhibition dedicated to painting, August – September, Calle S. Pantalon Dorso Duro, VENICE

2006: Painting art Exhibition, June – July, R. Le Burchelle, piazzale Roma, VENICE;

2005: An Exhibition dedicated to painting, 7th November 2005 – 7th January 2006. S. d'art R. in Molinet Oriago di Mira, VENICE

2003: An Exhibition dedicated to pictorial works, patrimony of the Popolare Pugliese Bank, organized by the same society, October 2003, COSTA BRADA HOTEL, GALLIPOLI, LECCE

2002: Art exhibition: "Look beyond the wall" promoted by the Popolare Pugliese Bank, September 2002. Levante Fair, BARI

1995: An Exhibition dedicated to painting: "The infinite soul telling", February –March; Antonio di Fulgenzio Theatre, LECCE

1994: Painting exhibition, Euro Art Expo, VERONA Fair

1994: Painting art exhibition, 21st -31st August; MACCAGNANI GALLERY, LECCE

1991: Painting exhibition, Schwamendingen, Zurig, Switzerland


2001-2008: Publications of pictorial works on reviews and magazines with interregional and regional spreading:

  • The Quotidiano;
  • The Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno;
  • The Corsivo;
  • Apulia (magazine of the Popolare Pugliese Bank );
  • The Tacco d'Italia - The Giornale di Casarano (LE);
  • Levante Fair Monography 2002 edition, Made by the Popolare Pugliese Bank.

1986-1990: Articles and graphic pictorial images edited on the review "Terra d'Otranto" - quarterly review edited by the Chamber of Commerce I.A.A ., LECCE:

  • "The Civil Baroque in Lecce" - Terra d'Otranto, n. 2; 1986
  • "The advertisement "image promotion"." Terra d'Otranto, n. 2; 1988
  • Historical Squares published on: "Lecce, Dymamic of the productive tissue, territory and population"; edited by the C.C.I.A.A. 1990
  • Quotidiano of Lecce 28th August 1994

Creation and realisation of the images for the 2009 Calendar by "Giannuzzi s.r.l." aircraft interiors equipment and design" with location in "La Rochelle" - FRANCE; "Philadelphia" – UINITED STATES; "Lecce", "Brindisi", "Varese", "Frosinone" - ITALY.

  • "Totem", monthly review directed by Giorgio Gabel. May 2010 - Milan
  • "ABC Donna", monthly review. July – August 2010
  • Collection of the Picture Gallery in LUXOR
  • Collection of the Picture Gallery in Lecce
  • Collecion of the Chamber of Commerce in Lecce
  • Collection of the Popolare Pugliese Bank (main office)
  • Various private Italians and foreign collections

2014: Great Nomination of Dioscuro D'Oro 2014 Academic. Hotel Hermitage, ROME

2014: PRIZE, OSLO City of Nobel. Hotel Clarion Congress Center. NORWAY

2014: INTERNATIONAL PRIX "The Pantokrator" 2014. Corfù.

2013: Commitment AWARD "WOMEN of the South". Palazzo Turrisi. LECCE

2013: OSCAR OF ART - BIENNAL REWARD FOR THE VISUAL ARTS - Conferment For Artistic Worths. Hotel De Paris, Montecarlo

2013: THE PRIZE SALLENTINO - Recognition Of Honor for the Arts

2013: INTERNATIONAL PRIZE FOR PEACE in the WORLD. Award G.O.M.P.A. accredited to the UN

2004: PRIZE of the critic to the concourse "Ancient secrets", May 2004. Manduria, TARANTO

1994: 1° PRIZE to the international Painting "Cosmè Tura", FERRARA;

  • Into the regional Modern and contemporary Art Catalogue Puglia and Basilicata, Rossano Massaccesi Ed.;
  • Into the national catalogue Of Contemporary Art "Top Arts", RM, 1999 editions;
  • La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno 7th September 2002;
  • Into the monthly review "Arte" Mondadori ed. May 2007
  • La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno 11th July 2007
  • Into the monthly review "Arte" Mondadori ed. October 2007;
  • La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno 4th January 2008;
  • "D'Arte" Contemoprary Artists Encyclopedia. 2009;
  • "Orizzonte Italia magazine" n.6. Frunzeskaia Nabereznaia 4. Moscow. Russia 2009;
  • La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno 27th April 2010;
  • Quotidiano di Lecce 28th April 2010;

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