"Color has an immense healing strength," says Gabriella Legno, and the painter's light-infused palette is a reflection of that healing power. In her work, even browns and grays take on a radiant aura that gives her abstract paintings a feeling of sunlight and a sense of physicality. She primarily works in watercolors, using an "extremely delicate technique" to bring out all of the lightness and transparency that the medium makes possible. Combining her "dense, material colors" with that lightness is just one way in which the artist shows the way from everyday reality to a more spiritual level of existence. Another way in which Legno makes that spiritual path visible is to present "known and visible shapes which drive to the unknown and to the invisible." By mixing the known and the unknown, she creates a world in which the boundaries between abstraction and representation are bridged. Cityscapes, flowers and ocean waves emerge from the patterns she creates, providing points of contact that pull us in and compel our attention. In these compositions, even the most abstract symbols and swirls are animated with a life all their own. For Legno, who lives and works in the southern Italian town of Lecce, communicating that sense of life is essential. "My art," she says, is a way to depict "the divine universe which is inside everyone."

ARTisSpectrum AgoraGallery of NewYork

Bright and soaked in light as much as in the rich tones of pink, blue and orange, Gabriella Legno's works are uplifting, healing compositions that transcend generalization. Sharp geometric forms come alive in soulful, spirited fantasy as the compositions pulsate with vivacity. Through these works, Legno seeks to articulate and make visible the dynamic, exciting world of the unseen. However rooted in the intangible, the works are entrenched in exquisite formalism and draftsmanship, a product of years of study at the School of Fine Arts in Lecce, Italy. The artist uses watercolor, a subtle, refined medium, as it parallels certain spirituality in her art. "I think is an extremely delicate technique, not aggressive, polished, apt more than others for its peculiarities – lightness, transparency and rarefaction – to express spirituality," says Legno, describing her watercolors. In addition to studying fine arts, Gabriella Legno is also a prolific musician, and an adroit lyricism and harmony is imbued in her works. She has exhibited her work throughout her native Italy to wide critical acclaim.

Karin Maraney (Agora Gallery- New York)

A prayer emerges from the place of silence...  Laura Legno

Each moment for the artist is like a prayer. She owns her own chromatic and vibrant recognisable sign, where each dotted line is purity, lightness and trifle, sound and silence.
Her "name" passes by the canvas as Gabriella Legno's journey is more aware but more exigent, too.
Not just wishes or delays: it is necessary to realize ones dreams and the predilection for the watercolours, which impress the highly artistic style, is able to drive her hand, as if it is driven by a superior being.

The emotions in front of the canvas overcome every tension and, let's just say, the word is almost annihilate as sucked by strong and meaningful vortexes, notwithstanding the delicacy in choosing the shades and the signs

As "Creation", a polypthic which aims towards the high: it is born and lives of divisions and harmonic links ,which aims toward the infinite

Art always is able to consign to the painter an immeasurable gap of the signals coming from an elsewhere as she can make a gift to to us !

Pompea Vergaro


Past time, after having passed by various creative steps in the field of the pictorial representation, with highly awareness, Gabriella Legno, a flexible artist always inspired by the demon of research, got solutions that can be assigned to a personal abstract genre, decipherable both into the meaning and into the implying. To Achieve this aim she put herself into empathy with her state of being which crosses several areas of the Spirit.

Sustained by the mastering of the expressive means, our artist considers congenial the usage of acrylic and above all of watercolour. These techniques allow her to create, mainly on papery supports, lights effects which assumes shapes, checked off by levity (sometimes I dare to say by rarefaction); in this way they pointedly convert feelings and sensations as well as intimate moment of lyrics, linked to a special vision both of life and world.

The visualization made by Gabriella, offers us her way of perceiving and feeling; it drives her to dematerialize the material during composition, drawing by herself the minimum needed to tell with symbols, metaphors and hints, but mainly by perceiving the prototypical meanings of the colours, the tension of the coming to a humanity ruled by love; this is meant as people donate themselves to participate the sufferance and the uncomfortableness of their neighbour; as the "tedium vitae" of a humanity, today, unfortunately distressed by false myth, by having instead of being, by frustration for unfulfilled wishes, those ones which the Elder Epicure defined "not natural, not necessary".

Gabriella's research does not enmesh into the egocentric dimension, on the contrary, it results in being a personal experience of an interior paths which has the intention of stimulating the redeem from the common trend, in such a way to achieve that "dried path" so much desired by the esoteric schools.

As concerning creativity it is certainly a stimulating Work, always "in fieri"; nourished by the teaching of prominent Masters of art and spirituality, Gabriella has the intention of increasingly knowing herself in order to transmute, to lay old of her hidden stone, the philosopher's stone, able to change in gold not the material things but the igneous dimension of the Spirit, the real essence of everyone and of all people. Now, here is it our artist's invitation to look inside and around ourselves, to undergo the hard path which will allow our chrysalis to finally turn into a butterfly.

In her artistic way of expressing the salentine painter offers to the user also the best mastery humanistic tradition referring points from Veda to Christianity, to Sufi and so on, to mantra techniques, as well as to Schopenhauer's yearnings. According to what we have told, observing our artist's artistic pictorial production, we are surprised that her works lacks any clue which reminds to pessimism, that expression of "mourning" shown by dark tones and by graphic chromatic tangles. Not nearly! Hope and trust into the human redemption are visible into her way of doing, into the awareness of a difficult but not impossible evolutionary path.

And then, here is the mysterious mandàla among lights flicks and ascendant twirls, the labyrinth which closes the secret of life and initiatory death, afoot of rebirth and freeing from the cave. A part from the epidermic appearance it's the case of noting that Gabriella Legno's pictorial production contains an intense dynamism, which can well be identified into the emphatic dimension and, as it is usually said, going "inside" and "behind" the picture; in the case of our artist, it is a coherent, "involved", creative production, intended to stimulate also under the aesthetic profile because, as ancient Greeks noted, what is right is also beautiful and good.

Mario De Marco


Living Gabriella Legno's paintings is like "living" just a step far from Heavens.
Crossing over the boundaries of the human lands we can enter into new harmonies where the capability of perceiving, hearing and seeing take the colour of that way of "feeling of the soul" which joins all in a unique flowing: everything speaks of spirit.
It is as if in our eyes a telling of life, of Being and of a new existence interweave, where it seems that Man has rebuilt everything starting from the spirit.

The uncertainty of life as well as space and time are nullified giving us the presence of the infinite. Each pictorial work represents a new step into this new world and the viewer is encouraged to follow an heart path that growing by a glance path, awoke ancient hidden ropes. And it can happen, in this mirroring, now and then, that until then unknown awareness arises by absolute silences.

Aura Gollen (Art critic)


Among Gabriella Legno's artistic expression watercolors represents the research of the artist to visible tell what is not visible.

An harmonious and vibrating whole of smooth lines, of accurate drawings, of transparencies alternated to pictorial plasticity transmits the various emotions related to the arduous pilgrimage of man towards the Absolute.

In this path of the sprit where the subject is the abstraction, Churches represents the Spirituality, the beyond, the unique, concrete, material, real element. Those are architectonical structures that the artists suspends between heaven and hearth like a bridge among matter known and understandable reality, the unknown , the arcane, the mysterious.

Known and visible shapes that drives to the unknown and to the invisible. It is in this way that the artist mixes the Known and the Mysterious, the objectively knowable with the Spirit in a creative act that redesigns the everyday life itineraries into new appearances. The golden whiteness of Baroque lights up a new life and lives with all the colours which belongs to the divine geometries of the world beyond the visible. These are the colours of spirituality which lights on and gives birth to the stone landscape.

As churches are the ancient and never lost temple of the Sprit...

Aura Gollen (Art critic)


The lightness of the pictorial stroke drives the viewer onto a kaleidoscopic universe made of abstract where fluent and dynamic shapes seem driving his soul, rather than his eyes in an introspective vision full of intense spirituality. A cosmos painted with soft and impalpable tones permeated by a silence which turns into colour; a breath of life from which light rises like yeast, in an area led to the emotional pitch. The same light seems orchestrating the chromatic harmony caressing them, according to the harmonic times of a musical score; now slower, now more intense. In this way Gabriella Legno seems to entrust her pictorial visions to the formal abstraction of vibrating cremating steps whose delicate material line drawing metaphysically focuses on the gazing of the viewer and path followed by his soul. Into the whirl of this perpetual motion the staff of an intimate music unfolds to recollect the sounds of a universal world, interpreted by an elegant and sensitive artist who thinks that "art belong to spirit" as Mark Rotto quotes

Lecce 4th January 2008

Sabina Fattorini (Art critic)


Expressing the invisible...... Gabriella Legno opens her newest case of spirituality with acrylics on canvas and watercolors where colour is the instrument to reach the immaterial..... Everything is concentrated on the invisible which exists. Shades, ethereal and ethereal shaded tones, transparencies: the aim is impalpable. Also into the acrylic where colours an matters mixes, the material matter is used to give the idea of the no-matter..... Also into the series "over the visible", the recall to the baroque architecture is subordinated to the representation of the immaterial into the little watercolour and paintings.
In this way the subjects of the Leccese Episcope and the putting of the façade of Santa Croce are overwhelmed by the beams of energy that everything create and transforms.

Stefano Lopetrone (journalist)
from the 'Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno' 11th July 2007


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